Hi, Amanda here.  I have taken to writing about my ever evolving lense of faith – questions, queries and the never ending inquiry to those deep questions of the mystery of life.  Why are we here, what’s our purpose etc  and of course a myriad of  other random things.  I am not sure what to classify myself as – I am a Mom of  2 children (ages 22 and 18), happily married. keeper of a loving dog and cat, and live in a  growing suburb outside of Toronto, Canada. I play a number of roles as I carry a number of jobs: housekeeping, polymer clay demonstrator and artist, child monitor for my town’s Leisure Services and part time admin assistant for a growing housing developer -phew, too many things to do, but as part of my downtime, I like to write.   I attend a Presbyterian Church and have been a “so called”  born-again Christian since I was 11 years.  Times have changed however and as I grow in my spiritual perceptions so has my lense of faith .  I would hope that this blog will be a blessing and a resource for those who are finding that they too are quickly revamping the way they relate to and perceive God and His mandate for our lives.    I am in no way renouncing my faith in Jesus and the Trinity, but I am realizing just how much of what I believe is subject to change…with prayers of blessing, hoping you will enjoy sharing this journey with me:)


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