September 12, 2012 – New role as Child Monitor

September 25, 2012

Dear Lord,


Did my third day at the Leisure Centre’s daycare drop in centre – I am getting to know the regulars – I give these ladies two thumbs up for persistence and discipline. Working out is obviously a “must do” on their agenda lists and “kudos” to them for sticking to it. This is something that I truly struggle with… following through and executing the “act” of whatever it is I committed to doing. This is very hard for me. This is precisely why I applied for this job.  I have been running my own show for several years now and for the most part I have been able to call the shots – re-arrange my schedule if need be – the clients have been tremendously accommodating.  I realize that it’s a two way street so I haven’t cancelled on too many, some you get to know as being easier than others, but none the less, you have to be aware of what you sign up for when you take on your own business and to be sure to stay committed to your work.

Lord, I have to say, I am enjoying my new post with all these sweet little ones – developing “soul’s” in the process of forming and Coming to Be – knowing that I share a “smidge” in the block of their time frame here on earth is quite humbling – they will probably never ever remember me but I know that I have played a part in having them cross barriers of trust with people other than their guardians.  That they had  good, caring experiences with me grants their developing brains a lot of positive feedback – I am helping their young psyche learn to “trust” that the world can be a good place.  So I take my role seriously and I feel blessed by it, for it stirs memories of raising my own two children – once little babes such as the ones I care for, but now are grown, and independent.  Days of innocence long past, where new and uncertain life moments await for them. I am not worried for them though. I know they had good formative years ( I am happy I was able to be home to raise them); that they had many moments that helped teach them to trust and to be confident. The world is not scary to them, uncertain, but not frightening. Yes, one has to be cautious, but their confidence indicates to me – no fear.  I know that not only did my husband and I give them the sense that the world can be friendly, but my neighbours did too – any negative experience has been trumped by hundreds of positive ones. We were fortunate that many people in our community have only ever offered up good experiences to our children.  Our community is filled with loving and kind people – so this position, as Child Monitor for our Parks and Leisure Department, is a way for me to give back and I will make sure that whomever is in my care will know loving arms, fun times and happy moments while I am with them.


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