Simply – I love my dog:)

January 8, 2014

Dear Lord,

I love my dog.  Thank You for her. She is simply the best (I am sure every dog owner believes this … and rightfully so – every owner has the “best dog(s)” in the world)  Today, she was dodging her ball back and forth, letting out a little ‘GRRR’ of competition – beckoning me to come chase her.  We play this game of chase – often – and now with the colder weather we have to resume our play indoors.  No walks for a while – too cold, too slippery to go out.  This is winter in Ontario.

This banter of ball chasing and throwing is actually an unbalanced affair – she is far too fast for me (my fault for being so out of shape) but she will take what I can give.  Today I am glad I had the time to stop and beware of this invitation to just “play” – really, who has the time for this?  But I am glad that I stopped and took my dog up on the invitation to chase her – to spend time with her on her terms. Thank you for her and her puppy like energy – even if she is 8 years old – she still thinks she is a “Puppy”.

Maya, all 23lbs of her solid and yet so fluffy Lhasa-Poo body – is a blessing Lord. She to me, is a little spark of You- a small but effervescent and consistent glimpse of Heaven – in the here and now.  You have endowed your Spirit to flow through these four legged creatures – our beloved furry canine friends, who are so dependent and so eager to be in our presence. You spill your love out through them to us – they are nothing short of gift.  Lord, how is it in a world so broken and so hard, we can overlook these little treasures of love in our very midst?  Help us to be so much more aware of their gift to us – Your gifts to us. Your presence with us – for this is what they are – a reminder of your constant and steadfast love.


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